How do you sustain yourself in your work with and caring for youth?

Transforming the lives of and raising youth is no small undertaking. Educators, social workers, case managers, and caregivers are constantly exerting energy to support the youth with whom they work and care for, often without the tools or community to provide support to them. 

SoYY is proud to partner with Radical Tendencies Yoga and Mindfulness Education (RTYME) and The Teaching Well to care for the caregivers. Here are just some of our workshop offerings, contact Pam, to schedule one at your youth-serving organization or your school. We are based in the Bay Area, CA and willing to travel. Contact Pam to learn more!

Breathe, Move, Connect, Learn: Trauma-informed practices for working with students

Gain an overview of the triune model of the brain in order to better understand how trauma impacts the brain to be able to provide more effective, trauma-sensitive approaches to therapy and education. Participants will learn 3-5 new tools for emotional regulation to apply immediately to their work with clients/ students.

From our EQ Schools presentation on April 22, 2017 at Los Altos High School. 

From our EQ Schools presentation on April 22, 2017 at Los Altos High School. 

Upcoming workshops: 

Yoga Service Conference May 19th-21st, 2017, Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY

Embodied Social-emotional learning: Understanding social-emotional skills from the body & mind

With the emerging trends in social-emotional learning has also come an emphasis on learning cognitive skills for understanding our emotions and those of others. However, our emotions live in our bodies and it is critical to understand the felt experience of the emotions in addition to processing them cognitively. Participants will learn 2-3 new tools for body-based approaches to social and emotional skill-building.

Breathe, Move, Connect, Serve: Trauma-informed practices for working with clients/ participants. 

As service providers, we have to learn to self-regulate in order to be most effective in meeting our clients where they are at and helping them to learn their own self-regulation tools. Self-regulation is part of our self-care and it involves working with our breath, our body, and our mind; here we learn tools which integrate all three components. Participants will learn 3-5 practical tools for self-regulation and self-care throughout the work day.

Holistic youth development: A whole-person approach to working with youth

There are many trends in youth development, including positive youth development; here we explore holistic youth development as a means of recognizing all of the aspects of a young person’s life which intersect to create the complexity of the problems they may be facing. We use the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) metric to address all of these factors and examine how a mind/body/spirit approach may be one of the antidotes to these ACE’s. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how addressing the whole-person is a critical part of a young person’s development.

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