Spirit of Youth Yoga uses its BUILD curricula to create yoga & SEL circles for building physical, mental, emotional, and relational skills.

BUILD- Themed-based 4-6 week yoga and mindfulness course focused on building strong bodies, minds, hearts, and communities, geared toward students grades 1st-8th. 

F.I.T. (Facilitators In Training)- 12-hour mindful leadership and facilitation training for youth to become paid co-facilitators with our skilled yoga teachers and facilitators. 

  • Session 1: What are we bringing onto the mat?
  • Session 2: What are we bringing off the mat?
  • Session 3: Gearing up to teach
  • Session 4: Ready for action

MOVE- 8-week yoga and mindfulness course covering topics ranging from relationships, careers, and community to substance use and sex and sexuality. Each class incorporates dialogue, breath work, and movement as a means of building social-emotional skills. Geared toward high-school aged and young adult students.    

Here's what our students are saying:

"I feel more positive in who I am, and yoga also helped me a lot with stress."- 8th grader, Voices Academy

"I learned how to breathe through my problems and calm myself if I ever feel stressed."- 8th grader, Voices Academy

Youth service sites will have youth participants with greater:

  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness oriented toward innovative and creative careers
  • Sense of community
  • Leadership skills
  • Pro-social behaviors i.e empathy, generosity, compassion

Spirit of Youth Yoga is reaching young people who wouldn't otherwise have access to yoga and mindfulness. We introduce the practice as a tool to heal from trauma and pain, and to gain awareness and insight along ones' life and career path.

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